Screen Printed Plastisol Transfers

Print on demand:

A great and versatile product supplied by the sheet aloowing you to print on demand with only the need of a heat press… with out the need of painful ‘weeding’ of vinyl cut transfer.
Plastisol Transfers are simply transfer paper, screen printed layer of textile ink, coated with a layer of heat activated adhesive. Kept in the drawer, you can print when you need to.

Transfer Sheet:

Sheet size:

Lead Time:


  • Your sheet can be loaded with multiples of the same design
  • or loaded with multiple designs for varied application

350mm x 500mm on:
pack orders (25 sheets plus)

297mm x 420mm on:
bespoke/sample orders (1-25 sheets)

5 days, from point order to delivery through your door.

Next Days service for urgent run (please enquire as to current work loads)

  • We recommend using a quality heat press
  • Align transfer face down on garment
  • Press for 15-20 seconds at 145-150°C
  • Allow to cool before peeling (cold peel transfers)

Start-up brands love transfer sheets

  • Loaded with in-neck labels including size and wash instruction too, our transfers really make a product look good on the hanger and add brand value too.
  • Cottage industries and home based start ups can apply these transfers with a domestic iron  (though we suggest a heat press for best results).

Promotions and promotional products

Our transfers have been used for many purposes, from printing on demand at events without potentially wasting stock, to printed Teddy bear t-shirts for promotion and memorabilia, lanyards and CD wallets (what’s a CD??) to promo bags for events and more.

Need more convincing about transfers?

Plastisol transfers will also retain the fine detail (lost when using vinyl heat pressed products) such as a small design or glittery ink.

Multi-coloured Plastisol Transfers

January 25, 2017