Screen Printed Surfboard decals

The standard way of printing pin sharp, colour fast logo’s for years… and as it ain’t broke….

We screen print Surfboard decals onto a lightweight tissue paper that becomes almost transparent under the resin leaving only the bright defined logo on display.

Our screen printed decals are really popular with our local shapers here in Cornwall and we also supply nationally and internationally.

by making it easy order, and pay for your order, we can save time and saving time means saving money – for you!!!

Decal Sheet:

Tissue size:

Lead Time:


  • Your sheet can be loaded with multiples of the same design
  • or loaded with multiple designs for varied application
  • Typically you’l get 2-3boards worth per sheets (depending on size and scale)

280mm x 380mm Approx:
Allow a safe area for handling when preparing your artwork
Send us your artwork and we’l provide you with a proposed layup

5 days, from point order to delivery through your door.

Next Days service for urgent run (please enquire as to current work loads)

  • Laminated in Polyestre or epoxy resin
  • Tissue will become clear
  • colours become more vibrant
  • UV Stable


Prices & Ordering Surfboard Decals


Well not only do we offer a damn quick service  – turnaround is usually less than a week – our product is rated for its performance under the cloth when laminated with resin.  Our decals lay flat, they are soft and flexible, vibrant spot colours that are colourfast and UV stable and we obtain true blacks and opaque whites!

Join the many other shapers we print for and ask us for a sample.  You’ll never go back!

Screen Print vs Digital

While screen printed is certainly superior for colour and detail,  for a one-off (like a full board decal) a digital print can be a great solution.

Digital graphics are also an ideal choice for customers that can’t necessarily commit to minimum order quantities.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

Screen Print vs Digital